Liner Notes

1. That's A Drag
2. I'm Not Ready
3. Zigaboo
4. Body (My Only Friend)
5. Primitive
6. Sat Morn Cartoons
7. (Chug Chug) It's Not OK
8. Why!?
9. Flood (The Awful Truth, The Living End)
10. Away Baby
11. Cryin'
12. Book Of Sorrow
13. The Man Who Lives For Love
14. True
15. Appalachia
16. Free
17. Love Without A Smile
18. Whatcha Gonna Do
19. I'm So Alone


by Jim Dickinson
transmission from the Zebra Ranch, April 2006

Professional wrestling interprets the universe better than any ideology I have ever seen. I live for professional wrestling.

I avoid competition, I think competition is ugly. I have never been into what people refer to as "sports." I love drama. And that's what rasslin' is - there's no competition because the ending is already determined. When people start talking to me about it being fake, I thell them when you fall from the top rope to the arena floor, your head has just gone eighteen feet into concrete. You can't fake that. You gotta be able to take it. And that's what those guys could do, they're the toughest bastards on earth.

In Memphis in the late '50s and early '60s, we had Sputnik Monroe, the greatest wrestler in the world, who was an incredible role model. His rules of wrestling, which I try to follow as my rules of life, are "win if you can, lose if you must, always cheat, and if they take you out, go out tearing down the ring." Ha!

There's a natural bond between rock n' roll and wrestling, especially in Memphis. It was very strong. Just the flamboyance of Sputnik, Jackie Fargo, The Great Bolo, The Graham Brothers - it was all like rock n' roll.

The best wrestling I have ever seen in my life was broadcast from a Quonset hut in Dyersburg, this little one - horse town in North Tennessee. They had two or three old-school wrestlers and a bunch of skinny kids, and it was f---ing dynamite. It was beautiful. Of course, the worse it is, the better I like it. They had two hand-held cameras. The music was over-modulated and it would be sheer distortion. The ring announcer was over-dubbed so it was out of synch. He would describe something that hadn't even happened yet. It was great. Nowhere else but Memphis would they have let it gone on the air.