Liner Notes

1. Red Neck, Blue Collar
2. Truck Driviní Man
3. Violin Bums
4. Out Of Blue
5. Love Bones
6. Hadacol Boogie
7. Rooster Blues
8. White Silver Sands
9. Canít Beat The Kid (Part 2)
10. Somewhere Down The Road
11. Samba De Orfeo


Produced by Jim Dickinson and David Less
Recorded & Mixed by Kevin Houston
Recorded at Zebra Ranch, Independence, Mississippi, December, 2005.
Jim Dickinson: keyboards, vocals
Luther Dickinson: guitars, banjo
Cody Dickinson: drums, percussion
Paul Taylor: electric bass
Amy LaVere: acoustic bass
Alvin Youngblood Hart: additional guitar (Love Bones, Canít Beat The Kid, Part 2)
Tommy Burroughs: violin
Mark Sallings: harmonica
Jim Spake: baritone saxophone
Reba Russell & Jimmy Davis- The Hoot Owls: background vocals

Alvin Youngblood Hart appears courtesy of Tone Cool/Artemis Records
Amy LaVere appears courtesy of Archer Records
Luther and Cody Dickinson appear courtesy of ATO Records

Cover Art by John Robinette
Cover designed by Brooke Barnett

Special Thanks: North Mississippi Allstars, Brother Gary Montgomery, Shady Deal, Trader Dickís Truck Stop, Juniorís Home Cooking, Tater Red, Big Chief Clearwater, Leeway music, Jacula Holder.

"World Boogie is Coming!"


by Ry Cooder

It is 2006, light years away from the time of Gus Cannon, DeFord Bailey, and Emmett Miller. The culture of the country has been hijacked by life-style hotshot pimps who join with consumer fascists in selling you back to yourself. Who can you trust? Nobody, in the immortal words of Bert Williams. Who will sing for you, the question posed by Carter Stanley, gone to his reward, unable to answer.

But there is someone, a knowing man, even a man of American family values, who raised his two boys in the sacred code of right and wrong, American-style: Jim Dickinson, son of a Delta match salesman, a code-talker, a personal friend of mine.

Take a seat, listen in, find your place.