Liner Notes

1. Stompin' My Foot
2. No Mo
3. Mississippi Bollweevil
4. Dragonslayer
5. Goat
6. Mean Ol' Wind Died Down

The North Mississippi Allstars are a psychedelic blues band, but there is sampling, looping, and other rap elements in our music. Screwed and chopped music hails from Houston, and is innovative, psychedelic remixing. Memphis and Houston have been partner cities in the rap world since day one, so the combination of the two was a no-brainer for me. The resulting sound is truly unique.
-Cody Dickinson

Produced by Jim and Cody Dickinson
Executive Producer: Chris Tetzeli
Production Assistant: Roc

Screwed and Chopped Remix by dj Jimmy D
6414 Heron St. Houston, Texas 77087 Labb Records


I found myself in Texas with a day off and the timing couldn't have been better. I was flying in from New York having just overdubbed Robert Randolph and John Mayer on the new North Mississippi Allstars' album Electric Blue Watermelon, so I had some fresh tracks in my pocket ready to go. Rhollo, my partner from Mississippi, had already called some of his boys ahead of time, so they knew what the business was.

Roc and his crew picked me up from my hotel, and took me to their neighborhood, Southpark, Houston, where screwed and chopped music originated. We were hanging out, drinking beers as night fell. Some cars pulled up outside of Roc's grandma's house. It was Duke and his entourage. Duke ran a studio in town, the Labb, and screwed music was his specialty. We hit it off immediately. He was a total pro.

We headed to the Labb, as we pulled up to the studio, I couldn't believe the scene before my eyes. I had never seen more gold grills, platinum afro picks, and all around bling bling shazaam in all my life. I was glad I had a 12 pack of Budweiser and fine Honey Buns, because I needed to make some friends. Fast.

Duke immediately took me through the front lounge to the studio, put my beers in the fridge and locked the door. Only certain people were allowed to hang while sessions were going on. It was like a revolving door in that studio. Groups were coming in and out all night long picking up their products and telling stories. See, the Labb had stacks of high speed cd burners and digital turntables so they were cranking out records like clockwork.

I was totally impressed but growing weary. I had been there for a few hours, my syrup cocktail was starting to kick in, and I had no screwed songs. That's when dj Jimmy D showed up. I'm telling you when he walked in he parted all the wanna-bes and hangers-on like a river.

Jimbo is like the Kobe Bryant of the turntable, the Michael Jordan of screwed and chopped.

After meeting in Houston, I brought Jimmy D to Memphis for our mixing sessions. We set his turntables up in Ardent studios and he did his thing. Al Kapone, fresh off some promo for his new film Hustle and Flow, walked in during a remix, and his jaw dropped. Al is a man of few words but he couldn't say enough about what we were doing. "Revolutionary" was one of the words he used.

Jimmy D is the man.

Cody Dickinson
North Mississippi Allstars

In memory of Le Duke Woodard.