Liner Notes

1. Mississippi Bollweevil
2. No Mo
3. Teasin' Brown
4. Moonshine
5. Hurry Up Sunrise
6. Stompin' My Foot
7. Bang Bang Lulu
8. Deep Blue Sea
9. Mean Ol' Wind Died Down
10. Horseshoe
11. Bounce Ball

Luther Dickinson: guitar, vocals
Cody Dickinson: drums
Chris Chew: bass, vocals

With special guests:
Lucinda Williams, Robert Randolph, Al Kapone, Otha Turner
Jimbo Mathus, Ben Nichols, Jimmy Davis, Jim Crosthwait, Jim Spake, Steve Selvidge, Susan Marshall, Mary Lindsay Dickinson, John C. Stubblefield, R.L. Boyce, Sharde Turner, Aubrey Turner, Rodney Evans, Otha Andre Evans, Whitney Jefferson, Robert "Tex" Wrightsil, Harold "Sundance" Thomas, Roger Lewis, Kevin Harris, Efrem Towns, Terence Higgins, Julius McKee, Revert Andrews, Jamie McLean, and East Memphis Slim.

Produced by Jim Dickinson

Recorded by Pete Matthews & Jim Dickinson at Ardent Studios, Memphis, TN assisted by Curry Weber
Kevin Houston at Zebra Ranch, Independence, MS
Roland Janes at Sam Phillips Studio, Memphis, TN
Jeff Powell at Ardent Studios, Memphis, TN assisted by Adam Hill

Mixed by Pete Matthews & Jim Dickinson at Ardent Studios, Memphis, TN

Mastered by Stephen Marcussen at Marcussen Mastering, Hollywood, CA

Digitally edited by Stewart Whitmore at Marcussen Mastering, Hollywood, CA

Drum Techs: Jason Hatcher, Robert Hall
Guitar Techs: Brandon Raines, "Pops" Clements

Album cover, cartoons, paintings and sketches by Tom Foster
Layout and design by Emily Philpott for EP Design Co
Photos: William Eggleston, Jim Marshall, Wyatt McSpadden, Kevin Houston, Sid Selvidge, Boby Bayne, Adam Smith, Aaron Farrington, Jeff Kravitz

Management by Chris Tetzeli and Coran Capshaw for Red Light Management

Band information and merchandise:,,

NMA road crew: Tim McGugin, Randy Stinson, John "Digger" Pelaez, Chris Rabold, Andrew Weinstock and Stephen Thomas.


It was a dream in a magic time - A band of musicians, dancing girls, and ancient blues masters gathering in celebration of life. world Boogie - an idea born high on a river bluff in the shadow of the pyramid under the rising star of Deltarado. Wise men and fools sat side by side in the pantheon of cosmic Boogaloo. They sand great mother Missifrika up from Bullfrog bottoms over the Big Rock Candy Mountain, Old Sam Hess and the outlaw phantom of Jack's Boat Dock out where the monkey grass grows.

The princes slip away called to an unseen evening - only forgotten sons of the Shady Lady lay asleep all up in Sonny's bed. Out across the night there is no past - nothing is gone. Spirits come back like Old Tom. Time is all around, singing us on - behind us pushing, in front pullin like a mule puls a plow. The drums call down the timeless tabernacle as endless snake dancers circle the fire and parade into the shadows following the Goat Boy.

Little Lorenzo (the rubberlegger)
London, England

John McIntire, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Ken Weinstein, Richard Rosenblatt, Necha Leny Dickinson, John Lowe, DJ Spanish Fly, Carlos (Rhollo), Frank Callari, Nath "The Rat" Whitlock, Jim Blake, Ron Shapiro, Mike Taylor, Collin Wade Monk, Doyce, Larry Carter, Ben, Jay Martin, Duwayne Burnside, John Mayer, Chris Tetzeli, Coran Capshaw, Chris Sampson, Sarah Tucker, and everyone at Red Light Management; Frank Riley, Matt Hickey Jackson Haring and everyone at High Road Touring; Rit Venerus, Amy Self, Paula Doyle and everyone at Cal Financial; Dave Matthews, Michael McDonald, John Biondolillo, Melissa Rich, Nick Attaway, Kelley Train, Sam Shah and everyone at ATO Records; Josh Grier, Jody Stephens, John Fry, Eddie Wisztreich, Mike Voltz, Gibson, Epiphone, Hugh Gilmartin and Marshall Amps, "Leo," Tony Pinheiro and DR Strings, Randy Turner and Ayotte, Junior's Home Cooking, Hernando, MS.

Chris Chew would like to thank: My grandparents Lee Ethel and T.C. Chew, my mom Joann Cox, my dad Eldridge Cox, my aunt Bobbie McClain, Konosha Chew, Dan Lakin and Lakland Guitars, Tony and DR Strings, Brian Barrett at the Low End, Big Daddy Clothes, Schroeder Cabinets, Fodera Guitars, Vic Obryant, Eric and Zeb at E Givens Clothier, Michael Morales, Michelle Turner, John Williams, Toni Chew, Carolyn Jenkins, Clinton Weeks, Oteil Burbridge and everyone else I forgot.

In Loving Memory of Lee Baker, Otha "Gabe" Turner, Bernice Evans, Larry Brown, Shawn Lane, Mark Unobski.