Liner Notes

1. Coal Black Mattie
2. Snake Drive
3. Brooks Run to the Ocean
4. Shimmy She Wobble
5. I'm In Jail
6. Used To Be
7. Let Me In
8. Crazy 'Bout You
9. Bird Without a Feather
10. World Boogie
11. Glory

Luther Dickinson: slide guitar, electric guitar, electric sitar, mandolin, vocals
Cody Dickinson: drums, electric washboard, vocals
Jim Dickinson: Fafisa Organ, side snare, vocals
Chris Chew: Bass, vocals
Paul "Snowflake" Tayler: Bass- tracks 5
Jimmy Crosthwait: Acoustic washboard
Otha Turner: Cane fife
Rising Star Fife & Drum Band & the Tate County Singers - drums, vocals - track 5

Produced by Jim Dickinson
Recorded by Kevin Houston and the Dickinson Family, Zebra Ranch, Tate County, Mississippi
Mixed by Kevin Houston and Jim Dickinson, Sounds Unreel, Memphis, Tennessee
Mastered by Brad Blackwood

Group photo: Dick Waterman
Graphic Design: Brooke Barnett

The Mississippi Hill Country stretches along Rabbit Ridge from Coldwater Bottoms to Holly Springs. The region has produced it's own unique musical tradition. The endless boogie of the hill country blues has passed down like a family business father to son three and four generations deep back to slavery.

Throughout the work of blues scholar Robert Palmer and Fat Possum Records the world discovered the art of R.L. Burnside and the late, great Junior Kimbrough. This CD was produced as my sons learned the music. "When the concept was pure...," as Luther says. Drawn from Mississippi Fred McDowell and R.L. Burnside with the churning syncopation of Otha Turner's Rising Star Fife and Drum Band, it was recorded with due respect.

Time passes and people change.
Junior's juke joint is burned to the ground. The world of Otha Turner is passing away, but it will not be gone. Like images scratched on the rock walls of prehistoric caves, the recordings are a communication with the future, our immortality. This record is an act of communion, though separated by space and time, as you listen we are together.

"World Boogie is coming!"

James Luther Dickinson
Independence, Mississippi

Bobby Ray Watson, Butch Unobski, Brian Gregory, R.L. Burnside Family, Junior Kimbrough Family, R.L. Boyce, Chip, Frank Frost and Sam Carr, John Lowe, Anger Head, Jon Spencer, Jimbo Mathus, Judah Bauer, T-Model Ford and spam, Peavey Electronics, Don Smith, Sleepy John Estes, Fat Possum, Mudboy and the Neutrons.

In loving memory of Otha Turner
"I shall lift mine eyes unto these hills, from whence cometh my help." -Psalms 121