Liner Notes

1. Shake 'Em On Down
2. Drop Down Mama
3. Po Black Maddie
4. Skinny Woman
5. Drinkin' Muddy Water
6. Goin' Down South
7. KC Jones (On the Road Again)
8. Station Blues
9. Someday Baby
10. All Night Long

Luther Dickinson: Electric, acoustic, bottleneck, & lapsteel guitars; mandolin, vocals
Cody Dickinson: Drums, samplers, guitar- tracks 1, 7,10; vocals
Chris Chew: Bass, vocals
Cedric Burnside: Drums- tracks 6, 10
Garry Burnside: Bass- tracks 6, 10
Othar Turner: Cane fife
East Memphis Slim: Piano
Jimmy Crosthwait: Washboard
Richard "Hombre" Price: Bass- track 7
(recorded at House of Bob)
Alvin Youngblood Hart: 1st Guitar solo- track 2
(courtesy of Palm Pictures/Rykodisc)
Steve Selvidge: 3rd Guitar solo- track 2
Jimbo Mathus: Harmony guitar- track 4
(courtesy of Mammoth Records)
Tate County Singers: Background vocals
Harmony Four: Background vocals- track 7
(Jimbo Mathus, Stu Cole, Greg Humphreys)
(Greg Humphreys courtesy of London Records)
Track 1 contains samples from Othar Turner's CD "Everybody Hollerin' Goat"
Produced and mixed by Luther and Cody Dickinson
Recorded and mixed at Zebra Ranch Studios, Tate County, MS, 1999.
Recording engineer: Kevin Houston
Mastering engineer: Brad Blackwood, Ardent Studios, Memphis, TN
Band Photos: Chapman Baehler
Cover Photo: Luther Dickinson
All other photos: Steve Davis
Liner notes: Larry Brown
Management: Michael Lembo and Lisa Weeks, Mike's Artist Management, Tucson, AZ
Graphic Design: Diann Menyuk and Tracy Kane, BlackCat Studio, Brighton, MA

Nobody can explain it, why all this great stuff comes out of one little place. I get asked all the time, especially in other places. I get asked in Chicago, in Texas, in Montana, and I don't even know how to say it myself, so I just shake my head, say, "Man, that's just the way it is."

And you don't have to live here to know what's going on, but it helps. It helps me live a happier life being around good music all the time, being able to park my black steel pony on the square and walk down the sideways and catch Luther and Cody and Chris doing their thing. It helps being a Mississippian, like these guys. It helps to know that they live near my brother in Hernando. It helps to be able to walk into the guitar shop in Oxford and see Luther plugged into an amp int there, just messing around until time for the show, right across the street at Larry's.

These guys cut their teeth on rock and roll and the blues. It shows. I heard them playing one night a few years ago and I've been a fan ever since. Their live performances will knock your socks off, and now it's cool to be able to have them playing inthe truck, or in the room where I spend time working.

They make some big, bad sound for just three guys. And the amount of energy they use up in an evening is unbelievable. Part of that's being young, but another part of it is their heritage: blacktopped country roads with blues skies over them, and a burning summer sun that burns anybody walking down one, and sad black lonely nights out on Highway 4 where the hurtling trucks suck up the trash and papers and flatten them against the grass as they pass. It's hawks sailing over the Tallahatchie River bottom, bad other rivers that are broad and brown and slow, and the hot dirt in the gardens where okra and tomatoes grow, and the roar of chain saws in the pine forests, and the unthinkable heat that comes down in May and doesn't leave until late September, and it's little roadside juke joints like Junior's, a place where up-close personal idol worship and emulation can occur, and it's thos steaming nights with electric guitars wailing and cold tallboys of beer sitting on the edges of the pool tables, and it's the sound that rises up out of a set of strings by a man with his fingers, and it's practice, practice, practice, and lots of nights on the road, and hotels, and fast food, and more practice, until finally it becomes a way of life, until almost every night they settle into their instruments, take the stage, and begin to play.

These three people are making some beautiful noise that is beginning to be heard in a lot of places. As long as they're playing in a room full of dancing people, I'll stay there, move my feet, be glad of where I'm from, be glad of this music that rises up out of this place and soars as naturally as any bird taking wing.

Larry Brown
January 3rd, 2000
Yocono, Mississippi

Jim and Mary Lindsay Dickinson, Boom Boom and Aye, Otha Turner, Kenny Brown, R.L. Burnside, Mike Lembo, Dave Bartlett, Frank Riley, Lisa Weeks, Bernice Turner and Family, Necha Leny, Sally Self, Scott Carter, Bob Kruzen, Frank Frost, Eric Selz, Red Ryder, Sam Carr, Charlie Freeman, Dick Waterman, R.L. Boyce, Paul Taylor, Jim Spake, Katharine Whalen, Bubba Johns, Ed Finney, Shawn Lane, Ry Cooder, Jim Keltner, Roland Janes, Bill Ferris, Clay Sparks, Tom Keckler, Gimmer Nicholson, JoJo Herman, John Evans, Benjamin Ballard, Gordon Jones, Brandon Raines, Mark Gardner, Winston Eggleston, Dan Wood, John C. Stubblefied, Chris Parker, Kelley Hurt, Judah Bauer, Allen Woody, Chris Wood, Bruce Watson, Phaedra Holt, "Restless" Eric Deaton, Patrick Smith, Jay Williams, Jon Hornyak, Pam McGaha, Alec, Lele, and Ian MacKaye, Robert Barnett, Harry Peel, Carson Lamm, Mojo Nixon, Philip Walden, Jr., Les Pearman and our whole Biscuit Company crew, Scott Bojko and Gibson Guitars, Neil Strauss, Uncle Guy Malvezzi, Mr. Anthony Kain, Hank Widdup, Tater Red, rober hall, Memphis Drum Shop, Sounds Unreal, Jack Holder, Sam Knox, and Jerry Phillips, Will McGowan, George McConnell, Bob Egan, Steve Ebe, Sean Rickman, Yucef "Remus", Bobby Whitlock Berkeley, Jeff Bransford, Frank, Brian, Andrew, John Sinclair, David, Travis, and Kieran McGee, Jeremiah Larkwood, Jim Dees, Sox, Bobby Whitlock, Michael Nichol, Gary Hardy, Jeff Sipe, Mrs. Cychowski, Bob Camp, Enterprise Car Rental, Allstate, Bluestock, The Blues Foundation, Smokey on Beale Street, Skip McGuin, Mike Glenn, Omni New Daisy, Proud Larry's, Young Ave. Deli, George St. Grocery, Sunflower Blues Festival, Lakeside Lounge, Tipitina's, Blues Hall, Newbys, Junior Kimbrough's Juke Joint.

I would like to thank my almighty God that blessed me with this gift. Thanks to my Grandparents, T.C. and Lee Ethel Chew for raising me and showing me the right way. Aunt Bobbie, my counselor, I love you and Thanks!!! Paul Taylor, thanks for the chance and the teaching. Ricky Berryhill, you showed me a great deal over these years and I thank you. Rising Sun Church Family, thank you for allowing me a chance to share my gift and my ministry. I love you all!!! Konosha, Daddy loves you. To all my fans all over the world, Thanks. Zack at Strings and Things. Thanks, Luther and Cody, you guys are the best. I love you guys.

Mudboy and the Neutrons; Knockdown Society; Galactic; Medeski, Martin and Wood; Jon Spencer Blues Explosion; Gov't Mule; Squirrel Nut Zippers; Col. Bruce Hampton; Lucero; Beck (at Sun); Big Ass Truck; Kid Rock; DuWayne Burnside and the Mississippi Mafia; El Buho; Freeworld; Hobex; Leftover Salmon; Kudzu Kings; T-Model Ford and Spam, the Radiators, Habib Koite and Bamada.

The North Mississippi Allstars would like to acknowledge: Memphis, Hernando, Oxford, Vicksburg, Jackson, New Orleans, Washington, D.C., New York City.

In Loving Memory of Mark Unobsky and Lee Baker